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Do you want to give your eyes a refreshed, cat-like, or natural look? The new way to shape and enhance your eyes with lashes gives you the style you desire. Now you can define your eyes just like you enhance your facial features with makeup.

The Lash Contour series from Ardell provides focused fullness, volume, and length in all the right places to boldly transform or enhance the shape of your eyes. Inspired by the latest salon techniques, strategically placed volume creates a range of dramatic effects.

Includes two pairs of lashes and DUO Line It Lash It, which is a combined eyeliner/lash adhesive.

Lash Contour 370 Opening Center Volume:
- Medium volume, long length.
- Flattering rounded lash style.
- Extra volume and length in the center of the lash.
- Boldly opens up the eye for a doll-like effect.
- Black fine tapered fibers.
- Invisiband® for comfort and a seamless look.

Lash Contour 371 Elongate Outer Volume:
- Full volume, long length.
- Angled, flared lash style.
- Extra volume and length towards the outer third of the lash.
- Dramatically elongates the eye for a cat-like effect.
- Black fine tapered fibers.
- Invisiband® for comfort and a seamless look.

Lash Contour 372 Enhance Gradual Volume:
- Medium volume, medium length.
- Symmetrically rounded lash style.
- Gradual volume along the entire lash.
- Beautifully balances the eye shape and enhances its natural curve.
- Black fine tapered fibers.
- Invisiband® for comfort and a seamless look.

  • Duo Line It Lash - 2 in 1 Eyeliner & Lash Adhesive Black included:
    Adhesive when wet. Eyeliner when dry.

  • Precision tip applicator.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Waterproof.

  • Latex-free.


Simple 3-step application:
1. Check the fit by holding the lash band against your natural lash line. Trim the lashes if necessary.
2. Apply 2 coats of the glue/eyeliner along the upper lash line.
3. Place the false lashes against the lash line while the glue/eyeliner is still slightly wet and gently press to secure them.

To remove the lashes, gently pull on the lash band starting from the outer corner of the eye. To remove the glue/eyeliner, gently swipe an oil-based eye makeup remover over closed eyelids until they are clean.

Apply the glue/eyeliner on clean and dry eyelids. For best results, use a primer before application. If you need to readjust the false lashes after the glue/eyeliner has dried, slowly remove the lashes, remove any residue of the glue/eyeliner, and apply a new layer.

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