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Ardell's Eco Lash range is both beautiful and good for the planet. The lashes are made from 100% sustainable fibers, handcrafted on a comfortable organic cotton band. They are designed with the planet in mind and packaged in a biodegradable paper case, printed with soy ink, made from fully recyclable materials. The lashes look so natural, lightweight, and airy that everyone will think they are your own.

Eco Lash 450:
- Light volume, extra short length.
- Rounded shape enhances the eyes while balancing subtle length and volume.
- Varying lengths of the strands mimic your natural lash pattern.

Eco Lash 451:
- Light volume, short length.
- Rounded shape that brightens up your eyes.
- A soft and natural silhouette for everyday glamour.

Eco Lash 454:
- Light volume, short length.
- Discreet strands lengthen at the outer edge for extra lift.
- Natural fullness and definition for effortless elegance.


1. Take the lashes out of the packaging and bend them a few times to shape them nicely.

2. Place the lash against your eyelid and position it as close to your natural lashes as possible. Press the lash down. This is to check if the length suits you. If it's too long, remove the lash from your eyelid and trim it from the outside with scissors until it fits.

3. Apply a thin layer of glue along the edge of the lash. (Tip: To avoid applying too much glue, put a drop of glue on the top of a toothpick. Then use it to apply the glue to the lash.)

4. Wait for the glue to slightly harden - then place the lash against your natural lashes in the same way as when you trimmed the lash, and gently press along the entire lash line to ensure that the lash stays in place.

Tip! Apply eyeliner before applying the lashes, it hides the lash band and gives a more polished look.

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