Ardell DUO Line It Lash It Adhesive Eyeliner (3.5 gr)

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If you can apply eyeliner, you can now easily apply false eyelashes thanks to this groundbreaking innovation from the world's best-selling eyelash adhesive brand: DUO® Line It Lash It.

The 2-in-1 formula is adhesive when wet, eyeliner when dry, and glides smoothly over the lash line to define the eyes while comfortably holding the false eyelashes in place all day. Unlike regular eyelash adhesive, DUO Line It Lash It is applied directly to your own lash line instead of the band of the false eyelashes. A fine pointed applicator brush allows you to paint a thin, intensely pigmented line with full precision. So versatile that you can use it as an eyeliner both with and without false eyelashes. Designed to work with all lash styles from Ardell. Just apply the eyeliner, attach the lashes, and you're ready to go! The lashes stay in place without the need for extra adhesive.

  • Waterproof.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Latex-free.

  • Precision pointed brush for easy application.

  • Designed to work with all lash styles from Ardell (including magnetic!)


1. Apply 2 coats of the glue/eyeliner along the upper lash line.
2. Place the false eyelashes against the lash line while the glue/eyeliner is still not completely dry and gently press to attach them.

To remove the lashes, gently pull on the lash band starting from the outer corner of the eye. To remove the glue/eyeliner, gently sweep an oil-based eye makeup remover over closed eyelids until they are clean.

Apply the glue/eyeliner on clean and dry eyelids. For best results, use a primer before application. If you need to adjust the false eyelashes after the glue/eyeliner has dried, slowly remove the lashes, remove any residue of the glue/eyeliner, and apply a new layer.

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