Terms of sale for Shopping4net

Valid from 2007-06-06


Shopping4net's purchasing conditions are valid from the above stated date and replace earlier eventual published purchasing conditions.


The prices on Shopping4net's home page are continually being updated and are inclusive of tax. The prices are stated in local currency, freight is added to each order according to below.

Shopping4net reserve the right to make price changes on the home page and other publications without previous message. Upon the sale of goods an invoice will follow, 15 days net (max 135 GBP inclusive of tax) or taken on account-/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Dankort, eOLV) (max 800 GBP inclusive of tax). Shopping4net reserves the right to (after a customary credit-check) adjust the max-amount of your credit, alternatively deny you the order. By delayed payment an interest with 22 % will be debited. If a delayed reminder must be sent out we debit a fee of 4 GBP Sales cannot be done to minors or ordered by under 18 year olds.

Shopping4net has the right to delegate and/or forfeit the claim-on-customer to another creditor.

Shoppin4net reserves the rights of ownership or the delivered product until the Customer has met all obligations towards Shopping4net. If the customer does not make the payment in time, Shopping4net has the right to reclaim the item. In the case that Shopping4net chooses to reclaim the item, the Customer is required to return the delivered items without delay. If the items are not returned to Shopping4net the Customer will be debited for the costs of handling and administration connected to the particular errand.

Freight cost

Free freight over £ 39.
The freight cost is depending on the consignment's weight and size and there is only one freight cost regardless of where the products have been selected. The current cost for freight can be found in the trolley and the till. No further costs above the freight costs will be added.

Shopping4net will in some cases divide your order in to several smaller deliveries with one invoice per delivery. By doing this we can minimize the delivery time to our customers by sending the products from different warehouses while it also enables us to offer you the best prices possible.


Orders received before 14.00 hours with reference to products kept in stock are normally sent the same day. An order confirmation is only sent via email (to the email address that has been stated on your customer number).

The approximate delivery time is stated in the web shop.

Remainder noted

If an item is temporarily out of order, the whole order will be remainder noted until the full delivery can be completed. Part delivery can be made but only after contact with our Customer Services.

Cancelling and changing an order

You have the possibility to without any costs change your order until the packet has been packed at Shopping4net. Changes can be done after contact with Shopping4net's Customer Services. After your order has been packed changes cannot be done.

Unredeemed consignment

For the consignment that has not been redeemed and not been cancelled and instead been returned to Shopping4net a fee at the present time of 24 GBP inclusive of tax will be debited to cover Shopping4net's expenses (such as transport and administrative fees).


Guarantees on the item are delivered by the respective manufacturer, Shopping4net does not give any further guarantees above that of the specified manufacturer.

Ink cartridges
Regarding KMP's products KMP guarantee that the products work as they are supposed to and that they don't damage your printer. Your guarantee on the printer will not be affected if you use a so-called compatible cartridge or original cartridge.

Right to return by distance agreement

You as a private person (consumer) have the right to regret a purchase if this happens within 14 days from the day that you received the item or an essential part of it. By referring to the right of return we are grateful if you facilitate the returns procedure by filling in the returns slip that is attached to the back of the invoice.

By referring to the right of return the consumer must keep the item in an essential unchanged state, (contact lenses, health foods, diet supplements etc.must be unopened as they are classified as medical products and also as foodstuffs). By return the item/product should be packed well (in the same packaging that was sent from Shopping4net). Damages by transport that have arisen because of poor packaging will be debited from you as a customer. Items that have been returned against cash-on-delivery will not be released. Shopping4net takes no responsibility for the transport of the returned consignment. Freight costs for the return is paid for by the customer.

For the products that have broken seals (is not in essential unchanged state), the items/products will only be returned after request from customer. In this case a new freight cost will be debited.

The right of return is not valid for companies.


If an item is damaged or incorrect when it arrives it should be complained about within 7 days from the delivery date. Obs! For transport damages, see below! Shopping4net take upon themselves that without any costs attempt to rectify the error by eventual complaints errands. As a customer you have the responsibility to carefully examine the products when received to make sure that they are correct.

It is important that a correct return/complaint is being made and by questions and thoughts Shopping4net's Customer Services is always to your service.

With complaints the return slip that is on the back of the invoice should be filled in and sent along also, to make it easier in the complaints procedure. The items/products should be returned in original packaging ans also well packed in outer packing (e.g. corrugated cardboard) that has been approved by the post. Eventual transport damages because of poor packing will be debited against you.

In the cases when the manufacturer has its own support and guarantees service in readiness Shopping4net owns the right that in complaints errands directs the customer directly to respective manufacturer's support or by the manufacturer's assigned service partner.

Shopping4net test items that have been sent in according to your fault description, therefore it is important that the fault description is as detailed as possible. If the item after testing has been judged being fault-free you will be debited a fee of 24 GBP (inclusive tax) to cover Shopping4net's costs for the return.

When Shopping4net judge the items/products being fault-free, the consignment is being returned only after the request from the customer. In this case a new freight charge will be debited.

Transport damage

Transport damage shall immeditely (on the arrival day of the delivery) be reported to the post and also to Shopping4net via email, info@shopping4net.com. As a customer you should not release a package that looks damaged. If you discover the damage after you have opened the package you should immediately complain about the item to the post and also to Shopping4net according to above.

Responsibility for faults

If a fault exists that Shopping4net is responsibile for, Shopping4net take on that at their own expenses to remedy the fault by repairing, re-delivery or through repayment of the purchase amount, if this can be without essential cost or inconveniency for Shopping4net. Further rights for a customer can be followed by respective manufacturer's own (to final customer) directed guarantees .

Shopping4net's responsibility is limited to what has been stated in its purchasing terms and also according to the Consumer Purchases Act. Shopping4net therefore carry no direct or indirect responsibility for e.g. (but not limited to) incompatibility, delays in delivery, quality damages in the items, product responsibility, absence of profit, production stoppages, extra work or other financial damage.

Technical Support and User Support

For technical support and user support, concerning general questions or product error, you are referred to contact the manufacturer of the product. Shopping4net cannot offer technical support on items.

Registered trademarks

All names, terms etc that occur on Shopping4net's home page are in occurring cases registered trademarks.


Fact and price details are being delivered with reservation for printing errors, the suppliers increased prices, eventual incorrect stated technical specifications etc, and also for clearance sale. Shopping4net reserves the right to change the information, including prices, specifications and product offers without previous message.

By placing an order an acknowledgement will be sent out via email. Discrepancies between order acknowledgement and also prices and delivery terms can occur.

Customary credit-checks are made by Shopping4net, and we reserve the right to deny on order.

All forms of fraud will be reported to the police.