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If you need an excellent product that doesn’t cost as much as the brands do.
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When you print a lot, and therefore put low price before quality.
Originals are originals!
When you place the highest possible demands on quality, and don’t focus on the price.

High quality compatible products

Replaces Colour Packaged Price
 KMP - E16 - SO20089 / T052040 0960.0030 KMP - E16 - SO20089 / T052040 C13T05204010 Yellow/Cyan/Magenta 39 ml 5.00 GBP
(0.13 GBP/ml)
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 KMP - E19 - SO20191 0965.0030 KMP - E19 - SO20191 C13T05204010 Yellow/Cyan/Magenta 39 ml 6.00 GBP
(0.15 GBP/ml)
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