Andrea Gentle Creme Bleach Face

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Andrea Gentle Creme Bleach Face is an effective facial bleach cream. Bleach cream is an efficient and safe way to conceal unwanted hair growth without pain or discomfort! Andrea Gentle Creme Bleach Face magically removes unwanted facial hair without the risk of stimulating further hair growth. It's an easy, quick, and smart way to hide dark hair!


  • Andrea Gentle Creme Bleach Face 42 g
  • Gentle Cream Activator 28g
  • Spatula and mixing cup
  • Instructions


Always do a patch test!
Mix according to the instructions.
Leave the cream on for ten minutes.
Rinse with cold water.
Wait for 24 hours.
If there is no redness, irritation, or other skin issues, it is safe to use the bleaching cream where needed.

NEVER apply to inflamed or broken skin. Postpone the treatment until the skin is completely healed.
NEVER apply near the eyes or in the genital area. If you get bleaching cream in your eye, rinse immediately with cold water.
Never use bleaching cream after a hot bath or after using facial toner. Open pores increase skin sensitivity.
If the skin feels tender or irritated, remove the mixture immediately.
Next time, make a milder mixture by adding a little more bleaching cream to the mixture (which reduces the amount of activator).
If the skin continues to be sensitive, do not use bleaching cream at all.
NEVER use applicators or mixing bowls made of metal.
Never mix bleaching cream and activator until you are ready to use them.
Never save or reuse already mixed cream. Store the tubes in a dry and cool place.

Step by step:
1. Gently wash the area to be bleached with cold water and soap. Dry thoroughly.
2. Squeeze out 6 cm of Creme Bleach, which corresponds to a full circle at the bottom of the mixing cup. Immediately put on the cap after use.
3. Squeeze out 3 cm of Activator in a semi-circle on top of the bleaching cream. This gives the correct proportions - 2 parts Creme Bleach and 1 part Activator.
4. Mix the two creams with the spatula in quick strokes.
5. Use the spatula to apply the cream to the area to be bleached. Make sure to cover completely. Do not rub in the cream.
6. The bleaching time varies from person to person. Wait for 10 minutes. Rinse off a small area with cold water to see if the desired result is achieved. If not, apply the cream again and wait for an additional 5 minutes.
7. Thoroughly wash off all the cream with cold water. Pat dry gently.
8. Dispose of any leftover mixture.
9. Clean the mixing cup and spatula with water. Make sure the tubes are tightly closed.

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