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Do Not Age Dream Magnetight Age Defier Mask

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Do Not Age Dream Magnetight Age Defier Mask from Dr Brandt transforms your skin by harnessing the power of magnets!

Dr Brandt's latest breakthrough in anti-aging is here! The mask is a major technological advancement in skincare, combining the sensory experience of a spa-quality face mask with a magnetic particle technology that provides a powerful anti-aging effect.

When the mask is removed, the included magnet is used. The magnet attracts the mask, creating a magnetic field, which is the key to the mask's impact on the skin. The formulation is based on an iron powder that is activated by magnetic particles, helping to remove toxins, reduce signs of aging, and counteract the appearance of stressed skin. The mask supports the skin's natural recovery process for a younger, more radiant complexion.

Magnetight also contains ceramides and a powder with 100% finely ground black tourmaline, a powerful stone known as one of nature's most energizing minerals. When all the mask is removed, it leaves behind a moisturizing serum with ingredients such as chamomile oil and lavender oil. The skin is left incredibly soft and smooth, deeply hydrated, and with renewed radiance. The skin is tightened, and wrinkles are reduced.


  • Apply the mask using the included spatula or with your fingers.
  • Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
  • Important! Wrap the magnet in a little paper before using it to remove the mask, otherwise the mask will stick to the magnet and it will be difficult to clean.

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