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Design Letters Dip Dye Scented Candle Large

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Design Letters Dip Dye Scented Candle Large is a scented candle with soft and pleasant fragrances. They are designed to suit different rooms in your home, the hallway, living room/bedroom, and bathroom.

8.7 cm x 8 cm.

100% soy wax,
100% linen wick.
Burn time: 51 hours.

Dusty Green:
Welcome your guests with an attractive, fresh, and blooming scent in the hallway. This scented candle has a natural aroma with a touch of fresh flowers and citrus. The candle is specially developed to spread a soft and pleasant fragrance when you come home.

Create a pleasant atmosphere in the living room/bedroom with this mild scented candle. The candle fills the room with a soft scent of spring flowers, wood, and fruity tones. It is specially developed to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Refresh your bathroom with a pleasant spa scent. This candle has a soothing and fresh floral scent of lily of the valley and grass. Specially developed to fill your bathroom with a luxurious feeling of well-being.

Once the candle has burned out, you can reuse the cups for storage, flowers, or as candle holders for tea lights.

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