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Accordi Di Profumo Zafferano Iran

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Accordi di Profumo is an innovative collection of 8 different fragrances, all of exceptional scent quality. The core of each fragrance is a selection of sustainable and responsible ingredients that guarantee traceability and transparency about their origin.

The perfumes can be worn individually or combined together according to the concept of "layering" to create a customized fragrance. "Accordi," which is the Italian word for chords, is used by perfumers and refers to a "harmonious combination of scent notes."

Zafferano Iran

This fragrance has a multifaceted profile, ranging from woody notes to spices, honey, tobacco, and leather. An enchanting and mysterious chord of saffron (the red gold) combined with golden brown resin from Spain. The result: a typically spicy scent with olfactory notes such as spicy and amber.

"Zafferano Iran is a joyful creation, dynamic and luminous. I wanted to create a zested freshness with a spicy and invigorating touch."

The perfumer, Jordi Fernandez

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