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Accordi Di Profumo Tonka Venezuela

Eau de parfum

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Accordi di Profumo is an innovative collection of 8 different fragrances, all of exceptional scent quality. The core of each fragrance is a selection of sustainable and responsible ingredients that guarantee traceability and transparency about their origin.

The perfumes can be worn individually or combined together according to the concept of "layering" to create a customized fragrance. "Accordi," which is the Italian word for chords, is used by perfumers and refers to a "harmonious combination of scent notes."

Tonka Venezuela

In the Caura Basin region of Venezuela, between April and May, tonka beans fall from the tree. The small nut inside the bean is dried and roasted, resulting in an addictive gourmand scent in the form of a resinoid*. After distillation, lovely notes of caramel, cocoa, and coffee emerge.

"For this fragrance, I played tonka bean in a different way, more modern, in association with vanilla."

Perfumer, Jordi Fernandez

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