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Nioxin is a range developed to make the hair thicker and denser. Thinning hair is a widespread problem that affects many people. Most solutions available are either based on medical treatment or on hiding the thinning hair. Nioxin's approach is different as it aims not to camouflage the thinning hair but rather to provide a hair that appears thicker and denser without side effects. Nioxin has drawn inspiration from skincare to offer an advanced treatment for thinning hair. The scalp should be seen as an extension of facial skin and requires the same care and attention. Nioxin has developed a range of products intended to strengthen, nourish, and repair the hair from the foundation. Since a healthy scalp is a prerequisite for healthy hair, this results in hair that appears thicker and denser.

  • Market leader among hairdressers in the USA for treating thinning hair
  • Ranked as the most effective brand against thinning hair by 75% of US hairdressers
  • Winner of the Stylist Choice Award for best hair loss product for 11 consecutive years

System 6 Scalp Treatment is a leave-in treatment for noticeably thin, normal to coarse, chemically treated or untreated hair that creates volume. Enriched with antioxidants and botanical ingredients, the treatment helps create a healthy environment and provides a fresh feeling to the scalp. SPF 15 protects the scalp from harmful sun rays.

TIP: For optimal results, combine with System 6 Cleanser and Scalp Revitaliser.


Apply directly to the entire scalp. Gently massage in and leave it on. Do not rinse out. May cause temporary redness in the scalp immediately after application.

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