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Marc Anthony True Professional Nourishing Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil
Mother Nature has inspired many types of skincare and hair care products. One of the most beneficial ingredients that has gained attention comes from Morocco and it is argan oil. Known as a super oil, it truly lives up to its name! This is because it has several beneficial properties such as strengthening, moisturizing, giving shine, repairing, and the list goes on! Argan oil is one of the very best natural ingredients for healthy hair! In the Nourishing Argan Oil Of Morocco range, the base consists of argan oil mixed with strengthening keratin, among other ingredients. The combination of the two provides a miracle treatment to make your hair healthier and more beautiful with less frizz and more shine!
Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Conditioner
A strengthening conditioner from Marc Anthony True Professional that nourishes your hair and provides it with moisture. You will get an immediate result of soft, shiny, and healthy hair.
No fuss - just luxurious natural hair care
Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Conditioner has a formula that consists of keratin, grape seed extract, and argan oil - which penetrate your hair and add shine and improve quality. The conditioner also protects against damage and color fading. Argan oil is one of the best natural products you can use for your hair and truly lives up to its reputation.


Apply to wet hair after shampooing. Then rinse with cold water to lock in color and moisture and prevent frizz.

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