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Lash Up Mascara -Accentuates Even Invisible Lashes (3.1 gr)

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Lash Up Mascara Accentuate envelops all lashes, even the most hard-to-reach ones, giving a natural yet dramatic look. It has been found that 25% of all lashes are not reached with a regular mascara brush*. Some lashes are very thin and hard to reach, such as those in the corner of the eye.

Smooth film formula without fibers.
The mascara has a high adhesive formula that actively coats all your lashes, even the short and thin ones that are almost invisible. The easy-to-work-with, fine consistency evenly covers the lashes from root to tip. Provides a beautiful finish and separates the lashes without clumping.

Ultra-thin triangular brush (1.5 mm).
The brush reaches even the most inaccessible lashes, both in the corner of the eye and on the lower lash line. Also covers short, newly grown lashes so that all lashes are enveloped from root to tip and evenly accentuated.

No more panda eyes – easily rinses off with warm water.
The mascara withstands oily skin, sweat, and tears without smudging or getting stuck under the eyes throughout the day. To remove it, you just need to gently rub with a generous amount of warm water and see the fibers release from the lashes without leaving any traces.

Active ingredients: hydrolyzed silk, apple extract, honey.

*Internal study.


• Make sure the mascara has completely dried before using an eyelash curler, for a longer-lasting curl.

• Open the tube carefully, the cap where the brush is attached is longer than the part that contains the mascara.

• The mascara does not smear around the eyes during cleansing. Avoid rubbing too much.

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