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Your hands are a bacteria trap! Did you know that there are millions of bacteria on your hands and under your nails?

When you think about it, it is not surprising given how much we use our hands. Our hands, opening doors, answering the telephone, writing on the computer, handling money, cooking and helping us when it itches, puts on clothes, shaking hands and feed us. It is the same hand that put up a gum in our mouth that opens the bathroom door, and even if you wash your hands after using the toilet so there is no guarantee what the person before you chose to do.

Clean hands without soap and water
The best way to get clean hands is to use soap and water, but what do you do when no soap or water is available?

Cicaclean ® is an effective and hygienic alternative to washing hands with soap and water. Alcohol has long been known for its antibacterial properties. Cicaclean ® has ethanol as a main component and works fast without stick after evaporation. Unlike many other products that dry out your hands after use Cicaclean ® contains Glycerine, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to nurture and moisturize the skin until the skin retain its natural moisture balance. These properties make Cicaclean ® works as a moisturizing hand cream while it is antibacterial.

How to use Cicaclean ®

Cicaclean ® is fundamentally different from other antibacterial alcogel by the application as aerosol. To apply alcohol spray using the aerosol is completely unique in the market, and makes it much easier to access the nails and hidden areas in your hand. According to several clinical studies liquid alcohol is much more effective than gels.

By Cicaclean ® you can enjoy a picnic, without millions of germs on your hands.

Uses of Cicaclean ®
Bacteria spread when using the hands, especially when people have colds and are sick. Only when an ordinary handshake, you can get much more than a hello back. Another contributing factor that often affects the face, for example when applying lip gloss or scratch themselves. By sporadic use of Cicaclean ®, you create an antibacterial environment. The small, but heavy package makes it possible to always carry with them a Cicaclean ®.

Cicaclean ® is not only great for your hands, but can also be used with good results even on feet. The cooling effect of aerosols make Cicaclean ® perfect for summer, warm feet that have been trapped in a pair of shoes all day, and leaves your feet smelling pleasant and fresh. It is precisely the bacteria on the skin that makes sweat smell less pleasant.

Application Form in Cicaclean ® also allows the treatment of various bacterial rich surfaces such as toilet seats, handles on shopping carts, door handles and sports equipment.


Spray directly onto dry and visibly clean skin. The recommended dose is two to three seconds. Rub your hands, fingers and top of hands thoroughly until Cicaclean has evaporated completely. Do not forget to spray the affected areas as nails, thumbs and between fingers. Allow to air dry. Do not wash away Cicaclean ® after application.

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