Focus Dailies Toric 30p

Left Eye Right eye
Base Curve (BC)
Refractive power (PWR)
Diameter (DIA)
Cylinder (CYL)

Product information

Focus Dailies Toric will be discontinued.
The replacing lense is called Daiilies Aqua Comfort Plus Toric. If you have used cylinder 075 before, you can change to the new brand right away but if you have used cylinder 150 before, you need to visit your optician to try on the new lenses.

Focus Dailies Toric is a 1 day disposable contact lens from Ciba Vision for astigmatism. The contacts are practical and hygienic and they are very suitable for both full-time or part-time usage. Focus Dailies Toric are very comfortable to use since they are designed with an ultra-thin edge and moisturizes the eye whenever you blink. The thin edge also make them easy and comfortable to put in. Focus Dailies Toric are stable on the eye with very little rotation when blinking, which is a prerequisite for a crisp clear vision when using toric contact lenses.

Since April 2009 the contacts are also designed with a mark that clearly displays which way the contact is to be put in. The OK mark should be seen spelled right on the outside of the lens and be placed on the upper side of the lens.

These daily contacts are designed to be used for a full day maximum and afterwards to be disposed of. Daily disposable contacts are both comfortable and hygienic since you put in a new fresh pair of contacts every day.
Always follow your optician’s recommendations for usage and managing contact lenses since the wear schedules for contacts are very individual.
30 each/packet
Base Curve (BC)
Diameter (DIA)
Refractive power (PWR)
-8,00 to +4,00
20, 70, 90, 110, 160, 180
Cylinder (CYL)
-0.75, -1.50
Wearing Time
1 day
Nelfilcon A
Water Content
In- & Out markings
Visibility tint

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