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Biomedics 55 Evolution

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Base Curve (BC)
Refractive power (PWR)
Diameter (DIA)

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Also called:
Disp Lenses 55 DW , Easyvision Monthly, Eye Clinic CIEL XII UV, Mid Water 55 Contact Lenses , Mid-Water Monthly Replacement, Mirage Monthly Disposables, Monthly, Optical Express CIEL XII UV

Biomedics 55 Evolution from CooperVision is an upgraded version of Biomedics 55 monthly lenses. Biomedics 55 Evolution is slightly asperical lens, which means that it evens a cornea that is not totally even. This leads to a very good visual acuity.

Have you used Biomedics 55 monthly lenses before? Then this latest Biomedics 55 generation should suit you. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you do a re-fit at your optician first. Biomedics 55 Evolution is similar to Biomedics 55, but not exactly the same. This lens is also available for you with astigmatism, under the name Biomedics Toric.

These monthly contacts are to be used during the day for up to a month. The monthly contacts should be taken out and be cleansed with a proper solution every night and be put in again in the morning.
Always follow your optician’s recommendations for usage and managing contact lenses since the wear schedules for contacts are very individual.
Cooper Vision
6 each/packet
Base Curve (BC)
8.6, 8.9 (-) 8.8 (+)
Diameter (DIA)
Refractive power (PWR)
-10,00 to +8,00
Wearing Time
1 month
Ocufilcon D
Water Content
In- & Out markings
Visibility tint

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