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Product information

MyDay® is all you need in order to get an amazing experience with your contact lenses.
  • Correcting your sight with nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Includes Smart Silicone™, a revolutionary breakthrough within lentil chemistry that has made the benefits of MyDay possible
  • >Practical daily change interval
  • Built-in UV-protection that blocks 85 % of the UV- and 96 % of the UVB-radiation so the lenses promote long-term eye health.

On stressful days your eyes are constantly working. We think you’re your lenses should do the same. Therefore we have now developed these new MyDay™ daily contact lenses. MyDay provides you a lens with Smart Silicone™, a revolutionary breakthrough within lentil chemistry that makes sure that MyDay-lenses work during the whole day and are so comfortable that you forget you are even wearing lenses. These lenses have it all!
  • Uncompromising comfort
  • Oxygen permeability in silicone hydrogel that keeps your eyes healthy and fresh
  • A lens that is quite easy to put on and take out.
All that you will find with MyDay – contact lenses you can put on and then forget until it’s time to take them out before going to bed.
MyDay® is available both in 30-packs and 90-packs.

What makes Smart Silicone unique (and why should you care)
Smart Silicone provides the eyes more oxygen with an effective way than one day lenses from other manufacturers, at the same time using less silicone**. This is important because less silicone means that there is more space for built-in moisture pockets and that the lens material with high liquid level keeps your eyes moist all day. Less silicone also guarantees that your MyDay-lenses feel extremely soft – softer than other silicone hydrogel based one-day lenses** - but are still easy to put in and take out.

To give even more comfort, MyDay-lenses are designed with an even lentil surface and round edges. This design gives more natural feeling to the user and the eye lid can move over the lenses without you feeling anything.

*Warning: UV-absorbing contact lenses do not replace protective eye protection, for example UV-absorbing eye glasses or sun glasses, because the lens does not cover the whole eye or the surfaces close by. The user should continue using UV-absorbing eye protection as recommended.
**Based on a modulus within leading silicone hydrogel based one-day lenses: 1-DAY ACUVUE® TruEye®, DAILIES TOTAL 1®.

These daily lenses should be used for one time during one day and then they are thrown away. Daily lenses are both comfortable and hygienic to use because you put on a new fresh pair of contact lenses each day.
Follow your opticians recommendations carefully in using and taking care of your contact lenses because the usage of lenses is always individually based.
Cooper Vision
30 each/packet
Base Curve (BC)
Diameter (DIA)
Refractive power (PWR)
-10.00 to +6.00
Wearing Time
1 day
Stenfilcon A
Water Content
Visibility tint

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