Supra 55 UV Tint

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Base Curve (BC)
Refractive power (PWR)
Diameter (DIA)

Product information

Supra 55 UV Tint is a coloured monthly contact lens without a pupillary hole from Starlens. The contact provides an excellent visibility and prevents spherical aberration. Due to the thin and rounded edges the contacts are easy to handle and comfortable to wear all day.

These monthly contacts are to be used during the day for up to a month. The monthly contacts should be taken out and be cleansed with a proper solution every night and be put in again in the morning.
Always follow your optician’s recommendations for usage and managing contact lenses since the wear schedules for contacts are very individual.
1 each/packet
Base Curve (BC)
8.6, 8.9 (-) 8.8 (+)
Diameter (DIA)
Refractive power (PWR)
-10,00 to +8,00
Wearing Time
1 month
Ocufilcon D
Water Content
In- & Out markings
Visibility tint

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Customer reviews

Continued from earlier comment say about them is that they places themselves a little bit off the center of my iris, making a small sliver of my natural eye color visible towards the inner corner of my eye, if you look closely. That might be because of that I have ordered the wrong base curve though, so I'm gonna try another one the next time I order these lenses.

Eve 30/09/2015 01:41:19

The best and most comfortable colored contacts I've ever worn!

These colored contacts are the best I have ever worn! They are soft and comfortable even on my dry eyes. I usually wear soft lenses meant for dry eyes, and have to use moisturizing eye drops a few times a day. These colored contact lenses feels about the same on my eye as my regular ones so I don't find it more uncomfortable in comparison. The absence of a opening for the iris gives for a very natural result and the vision is not impaired - everything just looks a bit warmer colored to me. The color also looks very natural - I wear brown on light grayish green eyes and get a medium brown/hazel looking result close up, medium brown to dark brown looking result from further away. Not many people have made a remark about if I'm wearing lenses, other than a few people who see me every day, so I don't think that it's very visible that I'm wearing them. Close up you can see the pattern of your iris showing through which also add to the natural looking result. The only negative thing I have

Eve 30/09/2015 01:19:42

Perfect for light eyes, though!

I have light-blue eyes and color my blonde hair to a medium ash brown. Therefore, my own eye color really *pops* out - which is cool if you love contrast but is also very revealing. Tried opaque lenses with a printed iris but those would always look unnatural on a closer look. The tinted principle orks GREAT for me. I ordered mandarin, brown and grey. Mandarin is nice if your eyes are not too light, otherwise it will turn out orangey though. The brown ones are great, but for a fair skin/hair type just too much "melanin-ish". Now the grey ones, while they might sound boring at first, are just what you need if you're blonde and want darker eyes without anybody noticing you're faking it. While the change itself is subtle and the result in fact a dark grey-blue, the *effect* is massive and the color *seems* to be more like a cool brown. 100% natural. Highly recommended! Never stop making them!

MB 10/07/2015 18:02:14

Not for Dark Eyes

Ive got brown eyes and I got the aqua colour of these lenses. The visibility is great, however you can not see the colour at all. The eye colour looks muddy black. It is really hard to find coloured lenses for dark eyes, where you can actually see the colour and it does not look creepy. I was hoping these lenses would work, but they didnt, colour-wise.

Olly  17/06/2013 18:39:09

Very realistic

These coloured lenses are the most realistic looking I have every tried because there are no obvious patterns on them so even in bright daylight you would not be able to tell it was a coloured lens. It works especially well on light eyes.

Jayne M 07/06/2011 00:42:54
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